• Raj Samrai

Positive Psychology

Treading Water in A Sea of Turmoil.

As a species, homosapiens are specialist survivors, our race endures and continues to evolve on many fronts: physically, mentally, and spiritually allowing us the fortitude to circumvent many of life’s challenges.

Fortitude is what is required now, as we continue to navigate the current global pandemic, one that some speculate may not be the last. There has never being a better time for us to focus on the importance of keeping ourselves on top of our health game.

So, who are the key players in our quest to attain optimal health & wellness and how do we visualise the calm amongst the chaos?

Emotional intelligence.

This is our attitude to life and always staying true to the things that we hold dear. Displaying empathy to those that may be doing it tough, maybe through random acts of kindness?


The artful skill of totally immersing yourself and fully investing, mind, body, and soul into the moment, allowing you to explore the reason” why” behind the change you want.

Courage and resilience.

Your ability to remain strong in the face of adversity, to toughen up to the slings and arrows of life.


Your ability to maintain a positive mental attitude, empowering and role modelling to others. Other positive emotions include gratitude, love, and hope.

Goal setting.

Evidence supports that for many working towards a goal and achieving that goal brings satisfaction that adds to well-being.

Community connection and positive relations.

As described by Dr Martin Seligman, engagement is pivotal for optimal wellbeing, this sustains us when times are hard, gives meaning to our life and provides support that helps us to flourish.

When the going gets tough the tough take a step back and breath.

There will be more on the importance of breath in the next blog.

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